BQ Solutions is highly committed to acquiring and developing talented nationals in support of Qatar’s National vision for 2030. Qataris will have great access to career opportunities by taking advantage of our fast growing and international connections.

What is Qatarization?

The development of the Qatari workforce, through education and training, is a primary and core objective for BQ Solutions to align with Qatar’s vision for 2030. At BQ Solutions, our strategy towards achieving our Qatarization plan is through refined development programmes and placement of talented nationals in the workforce.

Strategic Focus

The focus is quality Qatarization through emphasis on key positions by applying performance-based, not time-based, training and development. With your commitment and willingness to achieve, we will support you in reaching your goals.

Qatari Development

Qataris will join BQ Solutions at either Senior Staff or Junior Staff levels, depending on their qualifications and experience.